The body heals itself.

We believe in the wisdom of the time-tested medicines of old, and the enlightenment and insight from modern medical science.

These two approaches each have a unique and valuable perspective to contribute to healing illness, and they compliment each other.

As doctors, our role is to identify and provide the body what it needs to
regain a healthy balance.

If we don’t have the tools needed to create that healing, we refer patients to
professionals who do.

Our role is to educate our patients about what they need to do–and not do–to maintain their own health and balance long after they have left our office.

We believe that holistic and conventional medicine both provide tools for healing and that sometimes we need a hammer, and sometimes we need a saw, but to build something lasting we need both and probably more.

Believe in what contributes to healing without judging the source.

It takes a village to raise a healthy person.

It takes people working together to maintain a healthy community.

Honor the old and welcome the new.

Keep what you have learned is true and accept new evidence that comes to light.