Getting Started

Getting HealthyIt’s helpful to know what to expect before your treatment. So, here’s how we welcome new clients to The Wellpath Center

Step 1 – Contact us. When you call, we’ll ask you about your health issue. This is so we make sure it’s something we can help you with, and to schedule you for a long or short Initial Evaluation appointment. We’ll send you paperwork for you to complete before your visit so we get to know you better.

Step 2 – Come in for your Initial Evaluation. Depending on what’s going on, we may ask you to bring in past medical records and blood tests to help us get a fuller picture of your health history.

Step 3 – Get treatment or collect more information. For acute issues (like back pain after raking leaves), you will most likely receive treatment and an herbal/nutritional prescription the first day. Longer Initial Evaluations focus more on information-gathering, and we may ask you to get additional tests so we can accurately diagnose and identify the underlying causes of your condition.

Step 4 – Receive a Report of Findings. If you have a chronic or more complex health issue, you will receive a Report of Findings at your second visit to MHH. This is a detailed picture of what we think is causing your illness, a recommended treatment plan, and our prognosis of what type of outcomes to expect in what period of time. In all cases any information you divulge will be kept strictly confidential.

Step 5 – Receive a Treatment Plan. Once we have answered any questions you have about your Report of Findings, you will be given a Treatment Plan. Your plan may include acupuncture, bodywork, herbal or nutritional supplementation, dietary advice, home-care and self-care.

Step 6 – Follow your Treatment Plan. It’s important that you stick to your plan!  You cannot skip appointments or be erratic with your supplement schedule and expect good results. As time goes on, and your health stabilizes and improves, less treatment tends to be required. Our ultimate goal is to heal the body and educate and you about how to maintain your own health.