The Secret to Bodily Health and True “Anti-Aging” Medicine.

Brain HealthAs the first article for my newly founded blog, I want to start at the top with the most important organ in the body… The brain.

You, in some ways, literally are your brain. Your experience of the world, as well as your ability to communicate back to the world, is dependent upon a healthy brain. Your moods, your ability to express, and even formulate your thoughts, are dependent upon a smoothly functioning brain.The brain is the command and control center for every action and reaction in your entire body. Nothing happens without going through the brain.

Ironically it is the least recognized and most under treated part of the human anatomy. Whether we’re talking about a conventional or a holistic clinic, the brain’s function or health is largely ignored as a component to other health problems. Unless someone is showing signs of a stroke, epilepsy, concussion, or other obvious brain disorders, the brain is not addressed. This is a travesty.

The brain and it’s ability to function optimally can effect a wide range of conditions such as insomnia, mood disorders, PMS, fertility, diabetes, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, even joint or muscle pain. How many of you have noticed you’re more achey when you’re tired. This is because of a fatigued brain is not able to properly control inflammation.

When we age the symptoms that we often ascribe to “shelf-life” are really signs of brain degeneration.

There is A LOT That Can be Done to Slow or Stop This Degeneration.

How many of you have met someone in their 90′s, like the Salsa dancing grandmother who seems so young? – That’s because their brain is still vital.

In our acupuncture clinic we have everyone fill out Metabolic and Neurotransmitter assessment forms to gauge the amount of stress on, and degeneration of the brain. Using these assessments we are able to accurately correct lifestyle imbalances and give specific nutritional support to improve brain function and longevity. Having a healthy brain is a prerequisite for bodily health and is the true “anti-aging” medicine.

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Chris Butler is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Maplewood, NJ and Board Certified by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Chris specializes in fertility and gynecological issues. He and his wife Darlene live in Chestnut Ridge, NY and has a daughter and two sons.

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