Endometriosis Natural Treatment

Endometriosis is a very common and under diagnosed gynecological problem that affects a high percentage of women. While it does not always lead to infertility it certainly can in some cases.

Basically, it involves a migration of the tissue that makes up the endometrial lining of the uterus to other parts of the body where it grows and shrinks with the normal hormone cycle of the female body. Symptoms include bloating, severe cramping, menstrual clotting, PMS,  and infertility. In many cases these symptoms can be quite severe and even last for the entire month.

Chinese Medicine can be an extremely effective treatment for preventing the inflammation and hormonal activity of this tissue that is the cause of these adverse symptoms. When this tissue either blocks the fallopian tubes or encrusts the ovaries this can cause infertility. In some of these cases, Chinese Medicine can make pregnancy possible, but laparoscopic intervention can make a much more accurate assessment possible and help define the limits of non-surgical intervention.