Dealing with Unexplained Infertility

Too often after a series of failed pregnancies and a through exam by a reproductive endocrinologist or gynecologist, a woman is given the diagnosis of unexplained infertility. On the one hand this can be of some relief because it rules out serious dysfunction and “old eggs” as the cause for not getting pregnant. On the other hand, it is very frustrating not being able to conceive a pregnancy without a clear reason why.

It is in these types of cases that Chinese Medicine can often shine. The female reproductive system works thru a delicate balance of hormones and signaling processes between the brain, ovaries and adrenals. Many factors can affect the clarity and timing of these signaling pathways. When this signaling is absent or out of synch, it can be very hard to become pregnant, even with IVF.

Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are very effective treatments at restoring clear and well-timed signaling within this system. In such cases woman often conceive even without further IVF’s or see a marked improvement in their response to their next IVF cycle.